For What Are America’s Wealthy Thankful? A Worsening Culture War

When leaders run out of unifying myths, division is the last currency. Why this Thanksgiving, America is a “death cult” versus “radical socialists” Matt Taibbi Nov 25, 2020 ( Self-described “elected DNC member” and Washington Monthly contributor David Atkins tweeted this last week, garnering a huge response:David Atkins @DavidOAtkinsNo seriously…how *do* you… Continue reading

Trump Supporters Want to Boycott the Georgia Runoffs. Is Their Threat Genuine?

To the degree that one can measure the sincerity of such people … probably. Sure. George Chidi November 24 2020 ( An officer in riot gear stands between supporters of President Donald Trump and counterprotesters as the groups yell at each other outside of the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta… Continue reading

A Man-Child in A Promised Land

NOVEMBER 23, 2020 ( Obama, Trump, Jeffrey Goldberg, and Richie Rich BY PAUL STREET Photograph Source: Peter J. Souza – CC BY 2.0 The Atlantic’s editor-in-chief Jeffrey Goldberg recently conducted a long and obsequious interview with Barack Obama. The interview was occasioned by the apparent defeat of Obama’s fascist successor Donald Trump and… Continue reading

Articles ~ Actions ~ Events for Tuesday, 11/24 – Sunday, 11/29 (from Adrienne Fong)

This will be the last announcement for a bit – unless there is an emergency! *** ASL interpretation – Let me know if your event needs this service .*** Please include Accessibility and ASL info in your events! And if your action is ‘child friendly’   These are JUSTICE and INCLUSIVE issues! Please post your actions on Indybay… Continue reading

With Pandemic as National Emergency, Biden Could Enact Medicare for All by Executive Action—But Will He?

November 17, 2020 by Common Dreams “I do not expect Joe Biden to use this power on Inauguration Day to instantly turn the United States into a single-payer country. But there’s nothing in the law that would appear to prevent him from doing it.” by Kenny Stancil, staff writer  51 Comments… Continue reading