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A. US opposes ICC war crimes probe, citing support for Israel – March 4, 2021

US opposes ICC war crimes probe, citing support for Israel | Human Rights News | Al Jazeera

B. Mission District police are flagged for potential misconduct more than other officers. SFPD can’t explain why. –March 4, 2021

Mission District police are flagged for potential misconduct more than other officers. SFPD can’t explain why. – Mission Local

C. Update: Mumia has congestive heart failure and has tested positive for COVID 19

The Jamal Journal Home Page: Update: Mumia has congestive heart failure and has tested positive for COVID 19

  See Action # 9 and Event # 1

D. Aurora Police Killed Without Consequence, Now Their Protestors Face 48 Years for “Kidnapping” Cops

Aurora Police Killed Without Consequence, Now Their Protestors Face 48 Years for “Kidnapping” Cops (

E. Thousands at Oakland Coliseum received wrong vaccine dosage, medical staff say – March 3, 2021     eum-received-wrong-vaccine-dosage-medical-staff-say

F. Ice reached a new low: using utility bills to hunt undocumented immigrants – March 3, 2021

G. We Must Not Detain Children in Toxic Cages, Regardless of the Administration in Charge – March 2, 2021

We Must Not Detain Children in Toxic Cages, Regardless of the Administration in Charge | Earthjustice

H. Only one George Floyd family member at a time allowed in Chauvin trial, judge rules – March 2, 2020

I. US seizes UN aid allocate for Rukban refugees, distributes it amont terrorists  – March 1, 2021

US seizes UN aid allocated for Rukban refugees, distributes it among terrorists: Russia, Syria (

J. Big new cuts at City College  – February 28, 2021

Big new cuts at City College | 48 hills

K. Stop Line 3 Pipeline! #StopLine3Mural – Vimeo video by Peter Menchini

No Pipeline, No Way! – 4K on Vimeo

   See Alert # 5


1. Tell President Biden: Close Guantánamo

  SIGN: Amnesty International USA (

2. Speak Out Against JNF-KKL Settlement Expansion Plans

  SIGN: Speak Out Against JNF-KKL Settlement Expansion Plans (

3. Demand Israeli authorities immediately end solitary confinement of Palestinian child detainees

  SIGN: Take Action: End solitary confinement – No Way to Treat a Child (

4. Tell Congress to Investigate COVID Origins & the Pandemic Response!

  SIGN: Tell Congress to Investigate COVID Origins & the Pandemic Response! – Organic Consumers Association | Organic Consumers

5. Tell President Biden: Shut Down the Climate-Busting Line 3 Tar Sands and Dakota Access Pipelines

  SIGN: Shut Down Line 3 Tar Sands and Dakota Access Pipelines | NRDC

6. Demand President Joe Biden cancel all student debt within 100 days


7. Stop using that soil contains war dead to build a military base


8. Stop this Toxic Treaty

  SIGN: Avaaz – Stop this toxic treaty now

9. URGENT! Please CALL these 4 phone numbers now – Demand  that Mumia Abu-Jamal (AM 8335) be  unconditionally released from prison:

SCI Mahanoy Prison: (570) 773-2158

PA DOC Secretary, John Wetzel:(717) 728-2573

Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner:(267) 456-1000; @DA_LarryKrasner

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf:(717) 787 2500


Saturday, March 6 – Thursday, March 11

Saturday, March 6

1. Saturday, 11:00am – 1:00pm (PT); 2:00pm – 4:00pm (ET), Freedom Has Never Been So Close

Online / On/Off facebook

Zoom, YouTube, FB link provided after registration

RSVP: RSVP: Freedom has Never Been so Close (


-International Support
-Legal Explanations and Updates
-Discussion on Political Prisoners
– COVID in Prisons
-The Changing Political Climate in Philly
-The Brutal Role of the Police
-Music, Art, Poetry, Videos!

Vic Mensa – Chicago Hiphop Artist
Chairman Fred Hampton Jr – Black Panther Party Cubs

Host Mobilization4Mumbia


2. Saturday, 2:00pm (PT); 5:00pm (ET), National Solidarity Organizing Meeting & Workers Assembly


Register: Meeting Registration – Zoom

Support Alabama Amazon Union: Organizing

Between Feb 8, and March 29, approximately 6,000 Amazon workers at a warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama will begin voting by mail on whether to be represented by the Retail, Wholesale Department Store Workers Union. The harsh working conditions at Amazon warehouses, along with Amazon’s refusal to adopt measures that protect workers from COVID 19, have pushed Amazon and Whole Foods workers everywhere to step up organizing and fighting back.

These predominantly Black Amazon workers, who have in recent months formed the BAmazon Workers Union, are on the cusp of launching a history-changing workers organization against one of the biggest and most powerful transnational corporations in the world, and its super rich union busting owner, Jeff Bezos.  In addition, these workers are standing up to the racist, anti-union laws that suppress labor across the south. No matter what the outcome of the vote, this fight for a union in Alabama is already rocking Wall Street and energizing a much needed national explosion of worker organizing.

Participants include:
Organizers for 50+ Actions on February 20
Charles Jenkins – Coalition of Black Trade Unionists NYC
Jaribu Hill – Mississippi Workers’ Center for Human Rights
Matt Smith – Kshama Solidarity Campaign
World Federation of Trade Unions representative
#WorldAgainstRacism representative
Tom Burke – Co-chair, Political Action Forum, IATSE Local 26

3. Saturday, 2:30pm – 4:30pm, Celebrating International Women’s Day

Zoom: To join the forum, click here or write

discussion with

Urszula Wislanka, activist with News & Letters, California Coalition for
Women Prisoners and Pelican Bay Hunger Strike Support Coalition, on The Living History of International Women’s Day

Kara Murray-Badal, election activist and member of Democratic Socialists of America, on Getting out the Vote in the Georgia Senate Race

Karina Stenquist, host of podcast “Mondays Off” and DSA member, on
Women in the Hospitality Industry

Info: Celebrating International Women’s Day : Indybay

4. Saturday, 4:30pm, “Flint: Who Can you Trust?” Film & Discussion: Impact of Flint Water Crisis on Poor & POC

Info & RSVP:

Filmed over 5 years and long after the story was front page news, “Flint: Who Can You Trust?” is full of new twists and turns. Journalist/filmmaker Anthony Baxter goes beyond the headlines in Flint, Michigan, where a government poisoned its own citizens’ water supply, to show the complete breakdown of authority, public trust and faith in the truth itself.

“Flint” is a powerful investigation of the breathtaking scope of toxic pseudo-science, celebrity activism, and official negligence. The film reveals the devastating impact on poor people and people of color, which make up the majority of the residents in Flint, as they continue to seek justice and clean water.

Featuring Marc Ruffalo and narrated by Alec Baldwin. Produced by Richard Phinney and Sabrina Schmidt Gordon.

Anthony Baxter, Director/2020/119 min/Social Justice, Water, People & Cultures, Health


After the screening, stay connected to discuss the film with:

–Anthony Baxter, Director, “Flint: Who Can You Trust?”

–Nathalie Baptiste, Washington DC-based Reporter & Columnist, Mother Jones Magazine

–Moderator: Alejandro Bodipo-Memba, Founder & CEO, OVP Management Consulting

Host: One Earth Film Festival

Info: “Flint: Who Can you Trust?” Film & Discussion: Impact of Flint Water Crisis on Poor & POC : Indybay

5. Saturday, 5:00pm, Vigil Commemorating the 3rd Anniversary of Jesús Adolfo Delgado’s Murder by SFPD

In person

Capp St. (between 21st & 22nd Streets)

The Family of Jesús Adolfo “Dopher” Delgado Duarte will be holding a remembrance vigil commemorating the 3rd anniversary of his murder by SFPD.

All are invited.

The Family has expressed their thanks in advance to everyone helping to keep Adolfo’s name alive.

Posted on:

 Justice for Jesús Adolfo Delgado Duarte, killed by SFPD 3/6/2018 | Facebook


(1) Justice for Jesus Adolfo “Dopher” Delgado Duarte, killed by SFPD 3/6/2018 | Facebook

Sunday, March 7

6. Sunday, March 7 till March 13, Boycott Amazon in Solidarity with Amazon Warehouse Workers in Alabama

Don’t Cross this Virtual Picket Line

Simple weeklong Boycott of Amazon starts Sunday March 7th

Workers at an Amazon warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama have been voting on joining RWDSU for the last month. If they are successful, they would be the first Amazon employees in the United States to join a union.

At the same time, workers at the warehouse have faced an unrelenting anti-union campaign. They have received numerous anti-union texts a day and they can’t even go to the bathroom without seeing Amazon’s anti-union propaganda. Amazon is even working with local officials to change the time that lights outside the warehouse stay red so that organizers can’t speak to the workers while they wait at red lights.

To support Amazon workers and let the company know that we do not approve of their union-busting tactics, a one-week boycott of the company has been planned. From March 7th- March 13th, everyone is being asked to not use Amazon or Amazon Prime and do not stream videos using the Amazon Prime video service.

Info: Don’t Cross this Virtual Picket Line | ucomm blog

7. Sunday, 12Noon – 2:00pm, Rally! Free Malik! GEO Out of Cali!

Meet at:

111 Taylor St. (nr. Turk St.)

Mask & Social distancing

San Francisco Bay View National Black Newspaper Editor Malik Washington is being severely retaliated against for releasing a public memo documenting a preventable Covid outbreak at 111 Taylor, a reentry facility run by the $2B+ for-profit prison corporation GEO Group in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District. GEO staff stole his phone and put a gag order on him in what is the most egregious attack on journalism and Malik’s constitutional right to freedom of speech. The Bureau of Prisons is now threatening to send him back to prison and Malik Washington and the SF Bay View have filed suit against the BOP and GEO. For more information, see below :…/covid-outbreak-and-media…/…/editor-sues-over-gag-rule-at…/…/bay-view-editor-wont-face…/

For an excellent documentary exposé on the atrocious, dehumanizing conditions at 111 Taylor St, please view the 11- minute documentary put forth by SF Public Defender’s The Adachi Project :

GEO Group is fighting Malik, but they are also currently litigating against AB 32, which would ban private detention facilities in California, arguing that they would lose $15M per year in revenue, with a large portion coming from caging our siblings in abusive ICE Detention Facilities across the state. Well we say NO to PUTTING PROFITS OVER PEOPLE EVERY SINGLE TIME! For-profit prison companies have no place in California or anywhere!

 rally is being organized by the Malik Washington Defense Committee. To donate to his legal fees and to support Black, radical journalism, please donate here :….

Info: (2) RALLY! FREE MALIK! GEO OUT OF CALI! | Facebook   or  RALLY : Free Malik! Kick Geo Group Out of Cali! Stop For-Profit Prisons! : Indybay

8. Sunday, 12 Noon, Solidarity With the People of Burma – Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge

Meet at SF side of GG Bridge

(limited parking)

Wear masks; social distancing 10ft apart

Come walk with Buddhist monks across the Golden Gate Bridge in solidarity with the Burmese People.

On Sunday, March 7th, we will be gathering in solidarity with the people of Burma and doing a simple walk–peaceful but united—led by Buddhist leaders and monks.

join us at 12pm noon on the San Francisco side of the bridge to show the world that we are watching the situation in Burma (Myanmar). And the people we care about are not alone.

Please wear red, bring a friend, and absolutely wear a mask.

We will be gathering informally, walking 10-feet apart, and focusing on loving-kindness.

It is hard to watch what is happening to our brothers and sisters across the world, but we can bear witness with our presence and express our deep caring and humanity. And that matters.

(This idea for this walk was inspired by Jack Kornfield of Spirit Rock Meditation Center and Partners Asia.)

Info: Solidarity Walk | Facebook

9. Sunday, 1:00pm – 2:30pm, Not A Nation of Immigrants: Settler Colonialism, White Supremacy, and a History of Erasure

Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 220 024 1232

Passcode: 328697

Dial by your location

        +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)

        +1 929 205 6099 US (New York)

Unitarian Universalist SF – Forum

Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz grew up in rural Oklahoma in a tenant farming family. She has been active in the international Indigenous movement for more than 4 decades and is known for her lifelong commitment to national and international social justice issues. Dunbar-Ortiz is the winner of the 2017 Lannan Cultural Freedom Prize, and is the author or editor of many books, including An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States, a recipient of the 2015 American Book Award. She lives in San Francisco.  Not A Nation of Immigrants is scheduled to be released in August 2021 by Beacon Press.

Many Americans, regardless of party affiliation, whether in political debates or discussions about immigration, proudly state that we are a nation of immigrants. In this bold new book, historian Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz asserts this ideology is harmful and dishonest because it serves to mask and diminish the US’s history of genocide, white supremacy, slavery, and structural inequality, all of which we still grapple with today.

Info: Not A Nation of Immigrants: Settler Colonialism, White Supremacy, and a History of Erasure : Indybay

10. Sunday, 2:00pm – 3:30pm(PT); 5:00pm – 6:30 pm (ET), Workers and the World, Unite! DSA for PRO Act Campaign Launch Call


Register: Workers and the World, Unite! DSA for PRO Act Campaign Launch Call (

campaign launch call with special guests Naomi Klein, AFA-CWA union president Sara Nelson, Rep. Jamaal Bowman, and more!

In the 20th century, major gains for the working class in the original New Deal were achieved through militant labor organizing. Rebuilding this capacity is crucial to winning the world we want.

No matter who’s running the government, only a radicalized and organized working class can win transformative reforms that can make the 21st century livable for all.

To solve our climate and economic crises, we need a Green New Deal.

To win a Green New Deal, we need mass worker power.

To build mass worker power, we need to pass the PRO Act.

That’s why, in the first 100 days of the Biden administration, Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) are going all in on a national push to pass the PRO Act, which would strengthen unions, root out racist & unjust labor practices like right-to-work laws, guarantee that immigrant workers have the same rights afforded to their fellow workers, build the power of all workers to organize on the job, and grow our collective capacity to win a just transition to a green economy for all in the years ahead.

Host: DSA

Monday, March 8

International Women’s Day

11. Monday, 10:30am – 11:30am (PT); 1:30pm – 2:30pm (ET), International Women’s Day: Womxn Act for Climate Justice

Virtual Global Event

Register here:

Global event.

Join us for an amazing speaker line-up of Indigenous, WOC, and other feminist activists fighting for climate justice on behalf of our Earth Mother and all her children, as we all face
the existential crisis of the worsening climate emergency.

Womxn worldwide are continuing to call for a different path forward in 2021 and beyond as we reweave and forge a path onward in the midst of multiple crises, with global communities confronting the COVID-19 pandemic and intensified climate chaos, racism, gender and economic inequity, Indigenous rights violations, environmental degradation, and much more.


— Neema Namadamu, WECAN Coordinator in the Democratic Republic of Congo

— Casey Camp-Horinek (Ponca Nation), Environmental Ambassador, WECAN Senior Project Lead/Board Member

— Carmen Capriles, WECAN Coordinator for Latin America

— Monique Verdin (Houma Nation), member of Another Gulf is Possible, Director of The Land Memory Bank & Seed Exchange, and WECAN Indigenous Food Security & Sovereignty Program Coordinator

— Daiara Tukano, Tukano Indigenous peoples of the Brazilian Amazon, Independent communicator and coordinator of Radio Yande

— Karina Gonzalez, WECAN Women Speak Programs Coordinator

— Rebekah Sawers (Yupik) and Kari Ames (Tlingit), WECAN Indigenous Representatives in the Tongass Forest, Alaska

— Comments and analysis by Osprey Orielle Lake, WECAN Executive Director.

Host: Women’s Earth Climate Action Network (WECAN)

Info: International Women’s Day: Womxn Act for Climate Justice : Indybay

12. Monday, 12Noon – 1:00pm, Digital Rally on Anniversary of Selma’s Bloody Sunday & International Women’s Day w/PPC

Day of:

Livestream here:

Website info & livestream here:

We will mark the 56th anniversary of Bloody Sunday, when peaceful protesters, putting their lives on the line for voting rights, crossed the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama and were met with lethal force at the hands of federal and local law enforcement. This year’s commemoration is especially urgent: The Senate, the US Supreme Court and legislatures around the country are once again debating voting rights.

March 8th is also International Women’s Day, an official United Nations day in support and recognition of women’s rights worldwide. We’ll be hearing from poor and low-wealth women and workers, including our union partners, who are organizing and agitating in their communities from Alabama to Appalachia, from California to Carolina.

See site for action items

Host: Poor Peoples Campaign & PPC – CA

Info: Digital Rally on Anniversary of Selma’s Bloody Sunday & International Women’s Day w/ PPC : Indybay

13. Monday, 1:00pm (PT); 4:00pm (ET), Uncage, Reunify, and Heal the Children: A Virtual Plática

This is a Facebook Live Event
RSVP to the event through the following link:

Join Caravan for the Children campaign on International Women’s Day, March 8 for a virtual roundtable plática to discuss the work being done locally, and nationally, in the efforts to Uncage, Reunify, and Heal the children still in ICE detention. As we demand the Biden-Harris administration to stay accountable to their promises outlined in the Biden Immigration Plan within their first 100 days, the campaign seeks to bring together allies, advocates, and organizers to learn of the efforts being done by folks on the ground as well as to inform the public of how we all can contribute to these efforts as a community. Join us at this great virtual event!

Literary Performance by:
Paola de la Calle- Interdisciplinary Artist

Lineup of speakers:
Efrén C. Olivares- Southern Poverty Law Center
Stephen Kang- ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project
Vanessa Velasco- CARECEN SF
Lariza Dugan-Cuadra- CARECEN SF


Thursday, March 11

10th Anniversary of Fukushima NUKE Meltdown

14. Thursday 3:00pm – 4:00pm, Rally-Speak Out on Tenth Anniversary of Fukushima NUKE Meltdown


San Francisco Japanese Consulate
275 Battery St. (nr. California St.)

Masks & Physical distancing

No More Fukushimas, No Olympic In Japan In the Middle Of Pandemic

Thursday March 11, 2021 is the tenth anniversary of the earthquake and meltdown of three nuclear reactors at Fukushima.

The nightmare for the people and refugees of Fukushima and Japan continues. They are struggling to survive.

Despite promises that the melted nuclear rods would be removed they have not been and the recent earthquake has added greater dangers.

Two reactors at the wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan have begun leaking cooling water following last weekend’s 7.3 magnitude earthquake, indicating that the existing damage to TEPCO’s Unit 1 and 3 reactors has worsened

The government is also planning to dump over a million tons of contaminated water into the Pacific Ocean despite the opposition of the Fisherman’s co-operative and the people of Japan and Korea.

At the same time the Japanese government under former Japanese prime minister Abe and now Suga continue their denialism mode. They say that they have overcome the nuke plant meltdowns and still want to have the Olympics in Japan this summer 

They also have shown their sexist attacks on women when the former head of the Olympics Yoshiro who was also a former prime minister said women speak too much. He was forced toresign but their reactionary sexism, denialism and racism continue

clear clean-up workers including workers from overseas and other workers continue to get contaminated with no proper health and safety education and tens of thousands of bags of radioactive waste continue to remain scattered throughout the prefecture with no place to go.

It it time to remember the families and children who are still suffering from this man-madedisaster and let them know that people in the United States and around the world stand with them.

Host: No Nukes Action

Info: Rally-Speak Out Thursday On Tenth Anniversary of Fukushima NUKE Meltdowns : Indybay

15. Thursday 6:00pm- 7:30pm (PT), 10th Anniversary of Fukushima: an update on impacts of radiation on females


Register: Meeting Registration – Zoom


On the 10th anniversary of the Fukushima disaster, Mothers for Peace is hosting an online event, featuring a presentation by biologist Mary Olson. Learn about her work showing greater harm to the female body from radiation than the male body, the basis of data for regulators. This must change!

 The event will begin with a current update on Fukushima by Yuji and Beverly Findlay Kaneko, co-producers of Voices from Japan, a special segment of Libbe HaLevy’s Nuclear Hotseat podcast.

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