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By Adrienne Fong

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A. Here’s What Chesa Boudin, San Francisco’s Ex-District Attorney, Is Doing Next– May 31, 2023

B. British police detain journalist Kit Klarenberg, interrogate him about The Grayzone – May 30, 2023

C. It’s bigger than Banko Brown – May 30, 2023

It’s bigger than Banko Brown (  

D. The mayor’s budget takes money away from unhoused youth and families – May 30, 2023   

E. The Grayzone debates National Endowment for Democracy VP on group’s CIA ties – May 29, 2023

FDOJ Intervention Didn’t Stop Seattle’s Police Violence. It Gave Cops More Money. May 28, 2023

DOJ Intervention Didn’t Stop Seattle’s Police Violence. It Gave Cops More Money. – Truthout

G. Cop’s attorney stalls SFPD shooting case, throws shade at ex-DA Boudin – May 26, 2023  

H. SFPD release video of fatal Glen Park police shooting – May 26, 2023   

I. The Black Sea Grain Initiative: When the United Nations Brokers Profits for Corporations, Bankers, and Oligarchs – May 19, 2023

The Black Sea Grain Initiative: When the United Nations Brokers Profits for Corporations, Bankers, and Oligarchs | The Oakland Institute

J. ‘Death Outlives War’: Analysis Estimates Post-9/11 ​US Conflicts Killed Over 4.5 Million – May 15, 2023


1. Cuts for Bloated Pentagon Spending, NOT hungry families!


2. Call on Pres. Biden to Fight for Compassionate Immigration Reform

  SIGN: Call on Pres. Biden to Fight for Compassionate Immigration Reform (

Scheduled Executions For June 2023 – Click on the name to sign petitions

 – Hold all the impacted families in your thoughts.

June 6, 2023 at 6:00 pm CT: (Temporary ‘Stay of Execution was granted on May 31st – this can be lifted at anytime)
Michael Tisius in Missouri 

June 15, 2023 at 6:00 pm CT:
Duane Owen in Florida


Thursday, June 1 – Sunday, June 4

Thursday, June 1

1. Thursday, 4:00pm, Jail Becker and Bankers! Bankers Out Of Federal Reserve!

In person

San Francisco Federal Reserve
101 Market St.
San Francisco

For Nationalization of Banks Under Worker and Community Control
For General Strike NOW Against Union Busters, Demos And Crooks

The Trump Republicans are demanding major cuts in social services worker benefits witth the threat of default as part of their ransom demands.

It in fact is the bankers & billionaires who run the corrupt Federal Reserve and that is part and parcel of this crisis. Gregory Becker who was the CEO of the Silicon Valley Bank was also a board members of the San Francisco Federal Reserve
which is supposed to do oversight of the banks.

Instead the banksters covered up the finanial crisis and Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland also refuses to investigate and prosecute Becker for insider trading. He sold millions of dollars of stock only days
before the bank collapsed and AG Garland refuses to investigate and proscute. He was also handled with kid gloves at the US Senate Hearing.

The Fed has been raising the interest rates to supposedly control inflation but the billionaires monopolists who run the oil, airlines, railroads, chemical, food and other industries are using their power to raise prices to rip off the public and working class.

It is time that the banks be nationalized under workers control and end the gentrification, ethnic cleansing, systemic racism and the union busting organized by BlackRock and other major hedge funds and banks who use
their power to attack and bust unions and attack working people.

Wells Fargo and other banks have racist practices and have committed massive criminal fraud and fired whistleblowers who exposed the corruption.
After setting up million of fake accounts the former of CEO of Wells Fargo was allowed by Obama’s Attorney General Holder to leave with over $100 million.

On June 1st , we will be rallying at the Federal Reserve to  raise these demands and also support a general strike against the threat to defualt which would be a direct attack on the entire working class. Workers have the power and need to use it against the billionaires who are organizing for major attacks on our living conditions and the poor and retired.

While these same politicians say they can’t solve the problem of Homelessness , hunger, healthcare, the climate and education they have continued to provide trillions of dollars for the war in Ukraine and the militarization of Asia and the

See site for more info

Host: United Front Committee For A Labor Party

Info: Jail Former SF Fed Member & Silicon Valley CEO Gregory Becker! Bankers Out Of Fed Reserve : Indybay

2. Thursday, 5:00pm, Peacefull Protest Against Florida’s Fascist Laws

In person

Federal Reserve
101 Market St.

Note demo in #  and this one are working together

Gov. Desantis’ Policies are:

·       Anti-Immigrant

·       Anti-Black

·       Anti-Trans

·       Anti-LGBQT+

This is so dangerous!

Info: Facebook

Friday, June 2

3. Friday, 1:00pm – 2:00pm, Revolutionary Friday: Shut Down the San Francisco Police Officers Association

In person

SF Police Officers Association
800 Bryant St. (@6th Street)

All are welcomed to participate in ‘Revolutionary Friday’ this week outside of the SF Police Officers Association.

We stand with signs and banners and chalk the sidewalk, bringing attention to the crimes of the SFPD


– Charge & Jail All Killer Cops with Murder!

 – Abolish The Police

    –Create a new unarmed entity controlled by the COMMUNITY they are to serve and protect 

 – Declare the Police Officers Association A Non-Grata organization

 – Abolish The ‘Officers Bill Of Rights’

    – this document has been used to protect officers from prosecution

 – Recall SF District Attorney Brooke Jenkins!

 – Justice For Banko Brown! Charge & Prosecute Michael Earl-Wayne Anthony with murder of Banko Brown!

While Brooke Jenkins says she advocates for police accountability, she has failed to commit to her word.

Her recent actions:

On May 15th, Jenkins  announced that she would not be filing charges against Michael Earl-Wayne Anthony, the private security guard who shot Brown. 

On May 19th her office officially dismissed the case against former SFPD officerChristopher Samayoa, for the killing of Keita O’Neil

On May 11, 2023, Jenkins dismissed the charges on SFPD’s officer Christopher Flores for the shooting of Jamaica Hampton

Info: POA: Shut it Down! : Indybay

Saturday, June 3

4. Saturday, 10:00am (PT); 1:00pm (ET), US antiwar activists report back from trip to Russia

On line registration: Webinar Registration – Zoom 

Dan Kovalik and Rick Sterling, two antiwar and social justice activists have just returned from a fact-finding trip to Russia, including Crimea.  They wanted to speak to Russians and, as people from the U.S., let the Russians know that they opposed the sanctions on Russia and the Western imposed isolation of their country.  As the proxy war in Ukraine is putting nuclear powers in conflict to an extent we have not seen in decades, such trips should be the norm for antiwar activists in the US and Russia.  But few Russians can get into the US and Western countries make it very difficult for people to travel to Russia.  

Join us for this important webinar and hear what the people of Russia are thinking about the Ukraine War, the sanctions and their relation with the U.S.

Dan Kovalik is a human rights, labor rights lawyer and peace activist.

Rick Sterling is a journalist and member of the Syria solidarity movement, the Sanctions Kill Campaign and other political groups.

Host: The United National AntiWar Coalition

Info: unac_010923 (  

5. Saturday, 2:00pm – 4:00pm, Pakistan: Stop human rights violation, call for democracy

In person – meet at:

1 Ferry Building

Join a protest organized by the Pakistani American community against the military crackdown on the country’s largest political party (PTI). Pakistan has a long history of military rules during which it became the epicenter of a cold war and then the US led “war on terror.” The international community must protect its democracy from its military. 

Info: Pakistan: Stop human rights violation, call for democracy : Indybay 

6. Saturday, 2:30pm – 4:30pm, Attack on Trans People: A Page in the Fascist Playbook

In person or Online

Starry Plough
3101 Shattuck Avenue

Online registration:Meeting Registration – Zoom

Fascism is authoritarianism and class war combined with destruction of social relations within the working class. In order to gain power, fascist movements amplify already-existing prejudices among working-class people, positioning themselves as the defenders of “normal” people against the “others.”

Trans people are currently under attack with both street-level violence and legislation. These attacks, and the propaganda aimed at getting working-class people to support them, are part of the war against the entire working class. The purpose, as ever, is to prevent the growth of workers’ solidarity by driving a wedge between us based on our differences.
We need to be united to fight for our everyday needs and for a better future for all.

This forum will help us put what is happening to trans people into the context of the general conditions in this country and explore ways to fight the growth of fascism in the USA.

Speakers include:
Cassandra Devereaux – transwoman, writes for Fighting Words, the journal of the Communist Workers League
Rosa Astra – organizer in Oakland with the Party for Socialism and Liberation, writes for the socialist feminist magazine Breaking the Chains and Liberation News
*Organizations listed for identification purposes only.

Info: Attack on Trans People: A Page in the Fascist Playbook : Indybay

7. Saturday, 3:00pm, Meeting of PEOPLE’S ASSEMBLY

In person

474 Valencia St.

Wheelchair accessible

A film will be shown  “Revolution Selfie:The Red Battalion”

It is about the communist movement in the Philippines and about the New People’s Army.

Here is a trailer:

Sunday, June 4

8. Sunday, 11:00am, The LandBack Turkey – all generations children’s theater presented by DeeColonize Academy

In person

Homefulness – 8032 BlackArthur(MacArthur Blvd) Deep East Huchuin 


Donations: $1-20 or whatever you can afford -its a benefit for DeeColonize Academy Liberation School

All Nations, all generations children’s theater presented by DeeColonize Academy students, teachers, and families on ComeUnity graduation day-

WHAT: Theater, Prayer and Graduation ceremony

– In Addition to theater -there will be FOOD, ART, PRAYER and PRESENTATIONS from the Deecolonize Academy Youth Poverty Skolaz 

Info: The LandBack Turkey – all generations children’s theater presented by DeeColonize Academy | Facebook

9. Sunday, 12Noon – 2:00pm, Raise the Pride Flag in SF Japantown Peace Plaza

In person

Japantown Peace Plaza

Join the Japantown Rainbow Coalition for a day of programming, speakers, and performances right in the center of Japantown. Starting at 12PM, with emcee Kristi Yummykochi, join us for a performance by Queer Taiko, words of wisdom from JARF, Okaeri NorCal, Queer and Trans Asian Pacific Islander Week (QTAPI) and more, and the celebration of the raising of the Progress Pride Flag in S.F. Japantown.

Be sure to stop by the Japantown businesses before or after for lunch or dinner, shopping, learning about Japantown history, or check out the exhibit at the National Japanese American Historical Society! The flag will be flown in the plaza from June 2nd to June 5th to celebrate QTAPI Week and Pride month.

The Rainbow Coalition has championed the raising of the rainbow flag to proudly proclaim our intersecting identities and show that people of LGBTQ+ identities don’t just live in the Tenderloin, SoMA or the Castro, but also places like Japantown. San Francisco has long been known as an epicenter for LGBTQ+ organizing and celebration, especially during the month of June, Pride Month. The City has a rich history of LGBTQ+ activism and we hope to continue that tradition and highlight the hidden history of LGBTQ+ communities and people in Japantown that a model minority myth often conceals. 

 sponsored by the San Francisco Chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) with community support from Omusubi, the Berkeley Chapter of the JACL, and the San Francisco Buddhist Church.

Info: Raise the Pride Flag in SF Japantown Peace Plaza | Facebook 

10. Sunday, 4:00pm – 7:00pm, Justice On Trial – The Case of Mumia Abu-Jamal

In person

Mission Liberation Center
2969 Mission St.

Documentary and Discussion featuring Jamal Hart Jr, grandson of Mumia Abu-Jamal

Host: Bay View, PSL, LoveNot#Phear


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