Tuesday 2/13, BA Emergency Action Hands Off RAFAH ~ Alert – Call Congress ~ Actions for Mon 2/12 & Wed. 2/14 + 2 Articles

By Adrienne Fong


Tuesday, February 13


SF Federal Building
90 7th St.

 Last night, Israeli military’s genocidal assault targeted Rafah, the city that holds more than 1.4 million Palestinians, the majority of whom were displaced from elsewhere in Gaza.

Over 70 martyrs and over 230 injured have already been reported in the US-funded Israeli strikes targeting homes, and mosques where many were sheltering.

Israel is threatening a ground invasion in Rafah. We call on our community to take the streets to defend Rafah, Gaza, and all of Palestine.

We assert that Rafah is a red line, and must mobilize to demand an end to this genocidal assault. HANDS OFF RAFAH NOW! 

“This week, most members of the House of Representatives voted to send $17.6 billion U.S. taxpayer dollars to Israel’s military. The bill failed, because it needed a special two-thirds majority to pass.

Info: https://www.araborganizing.org/events/   

ALERT: KEEP CALLING your elected officials to:


This past week the House of Representatives and Senate started voting on aid packages to Israel and Ukraine. Please call and tell them you do not support your tax $$ to Israel for genocide.

February 8th – US Senate approved a procedural vote to advance a bill the would provide funding for Israel, Ukraine and the Indo-Pacific by a 67-32 vote.

    The bill provides $95.3 billion in foreign aid, with $60 billion earmarked for Ukraine’s defense, and $14.1 billion in defense aid for Israel.

February 6th – The House of Representatives voted to send $17.6 billion U.S. taxpayer dollars to Israel’s military. The bill failed, because it needed a special two-thirds majority to pass.

Congressional switchboard at 1-202-224-3121.. Ask to be connected to your representative or senator’s offices

California Senators

Senator Alex Padilla

(202) 224-3553 DC office

(415) 981-9369 SF office

Senator Laphonza Butler

(202) 224-3841 DC office

(415) 393-0707 SF office

Representative Nancy Pelosi

 (202) 225-4965

(415) 556-4862


Monday, February 12

 Monday, 4:30pm – 6:00pm, No Tax $$ for Gaza Murders – Divest from Death

Ferry Building Plaza

No Tax Dollars for Gaza Murders – Divest from Death

RACCOON action at Ferry Building Plaza for peace & humanitarian aid to Palestine

Art & Noise Crowd Participation! We provide chalk, blood red paint, stencils, air horns, metal trashcan lids, soccer trumpets, whistles, kazoos, megaphones, original chants, songs, rants – plus earplugs and RACCOON t-shirts – & you can bring your own crazy noisemakers!


Info: No Tax $$ for Gaza Murders – Divest from Death : Indybay

Wednesday, February 14

 Wednesday, 6:00pm, Gaza Community Forum: Never Again Is Now!

Medicine For Nightmares Bookstore
3036 24th Street

Urgent updates on Gaza genocide casesa at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and the U.S. Federal Court and the impact of a possible cease-fire, from the perspective of the Global South.

Join us with invited guests from the Palestinian Youth Movement, Arab Resource Organizing Center, Haiti Action Committee, Myannar Student Union, San Francisco Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines, Global Exchange, and Chiapas Support Committee.

Sponsored by: National Lawyers Guild- SF Bay Area, Global Exchange, ILPS Bay Area, & Justice For Brandon Lee Campaign.

Info: NLG – San Francisco Bay Area | We Defend and Protect Communities (nlgsf.org) 


ZAKA: Israel’s Very Own ‘White Helmets’ –February 8, 2024

ZAKA: Israel’s Very Own ‘White Helmets’ – Orinoco Tribune – News and opinion pieces about Venezuela and beyond

Public hearings to open on Monday 19 February 2024  (International Court of Justice)



186 – Legal Consequences arising from the Policies and Practices of Israel in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem

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