Meet the District 1 Candidates: Explain what you can’t do as supervisor

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An illustration of District 1 supervisor candidates
Connie Chan, Jeremiah Boehner, Jen Nossokoff, Marjan Philhour and Sherman D’Silva are running for District 1 supervisor in the November 2024 election. Illustration by Neil Ballard.

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Welcome back to our weekly “Meet the Candidates” series, where District 1 supervisorial candidates who have filed to run respond to a question in 100 words or fewer. 

Answers are published each week, but we are also archiving each answer on this page for District 1, to make it easier for voters to browse. 

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There are limitations in what a supervisor can do and many voters are unsure of the limitations. This week, we asked the candidates: From your conversations with District 1 residents, is there anything that they expect you to do as a supervisor that isn’t within your purview? Explain what it is and why.

An illustration of District 1 candidate Jen Nossokoff, a woman in a lab coat.

Jen Nossokoff

  • Job: Vice president of a healthcare company and physician assistant
  • Age: 38
  • Residency: Homeowner, living in District 1 since 2020
  • Transportation: Walking, biking, public transportation, driving
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University and master’s degree from Samuel Merritt University
  • Languages: English

I often get asked, “What does a supervisor do?” Supervisors manage local issues like safety, transportation, and housing. Supervisors work with city agencies to improve public services, advocate for community needs, and develop local policies.

They can’t change state or federal laws or handle issues outside their district. Instead, they focus on local improvements such as enhancing infrastructure, supporting businesses, and ensuring effective use of city resources. As District 1 supervisor, I will play a crucial role in improving the day-to-day lives of our community members.

An illustration of District 1 supervisor candidate Marjan Philhour

Marjan Philhour

  • Job: Business owner, former advisor and fundraiser to London Breed
  • Age: 50
  • Residency: Homeowner, born in District 1 and moved back in 2006
  • Transportation: Biking, walking, driving and public transportation
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley
  • Languages: English

I knock on doors in the Richmond every week. The top issues I hear most often pertain to public safety, homelessness and drug use. SF supervisors can do a lot to address these issues, and unfortunately not enough has been done over the years.  

There is nothing that a resident would ask me that I won’t work to accomplish.

I have found that residents are not clear on what the role of the supervisor is, so when they are feeling frustrated on ANY issue, the supervisor many times is the first person they will talk to about it. We have … read more here

Endorsed by: San Francisco Police Officers Association … read more here

An illustration of District 1 supervisor candidate Jeremiah Boehner

Jeremiah Boehner

  • Job: Marketing specialist and U.S. Army veteran
  • Age: 39
  • Residency: Tenant, living in District 1 since 2006
  • Transportation: Driving
  • Education: University of San Francisco
  • Languages: English

There are a lot of things that people want to get done that will take a coalition of people to get done. But often I get asked about state or federal issues that, as District 1 supervisor, I couldn’t solve. Especially issues regarding global warming and inflation.

An illustration of District 1 supervisor Connie Chan, a woman in a blazer.

Connie Chan

  • Job: Incumbent District 1 Supervisor
  • Age: 45
  • Residency: Homeowner, living in District 1 since 2011
  • Transportation: Driving and walking
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree, University of California, Davis
  • Languages: English, Cantonese, Mandarin

As District 1 Supervisor, I often talk to residents who are frustrated that we cannot do more on seemingly intractable issues like homelessness and public safety. And I share that frustration, because these issues often require resources beyond what San Francisco can provide through local legislation and funding.

That’s why I’ve worked collaboratively with state officials like Assemblymember Phil Ting to bring more resources to our neighborhoods.

I also hold the city administration and departments accountable for effective service delivery and real solutions, in addition to advocating for state and federal resources.

Endorsed by: San Francisco Labor Council, Harvey Milk LGBTQ Democratic Club, Local 21, Service Employees International Union 1021 … read more here

An illustration of District 1 candidate Sherman D'Silva, a man in a suit and tie.

Sherman D’Silva

  • Job: Owner of a laundromat on Geary Boulevard
  • Age: 51
  • Residency: Homeowner, living in District 1 since 1973
  • Transportation: Driving
  • Education: Bachelor’s degrees from San Francisco State University
  • Languages: English

District 1 neighbors want to see the cost of housing lowered. A supervisor may be able to encourage building new units but it is the market that will ultimately decide the final cost. This applies to another district issue which revolves around empty storefronts. Despite efforts to penalize property owners for having empty units, the units will not be leased till property owners lower rent expectations and potential tenants are willing to take a chance on signing a multi-year lease. A supervisor cannot directly affect this, but can improve the conditions of the neighborhood and lessen the severity of crime.

Candidates are ordered alphabetically and rotated each week. Answers may be lightly edited for formatting, spelling, and grammar. If you have questions for the candidates, please let us know at

Read the rest of the series here. Illustrations for the series by Neil Ballard.

You can register to vote via the website.


Meet the Candidates: San Francisco’s District 1 supervisor race

Meet the Candidates: San Francisco’s District 1 supervisor race


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